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On the outside I am a functioning American citizen, plagued by stress and logic. In my mind, I am a child and a dreamer. Is it possible to merge the two together? I shall jump through all of society's hoops to achieve my dreams. I am just starting on my way now.
Anonymous: all of Does Not Suffice has the same melodic material as In California! and Baby Birch's chord progression, I think (or pretty close, anyhow)

Does it? I didn’t realize until now! I am not too musically adept so small things like that are tricky for me to pick up. Thanks for telling me.. it adds a lot of meaning to the song.

4 Jul

I am not sure if I am slow to pick up on this, but the same melody that Joanna sings “I don’t belong to anyone; my heart is heavy as an oil drum…” to in In California is the same melody that she sings “La la la…” to at the end of Does Not Suffice.

4 Jul — 4 notes
Current events


Gaining appreciation for IAMAMIWHOAMI.

The Swedish are taking over my feels. (Yes I said “feels”)

I’m really digging the whole sounding of cats…I blame Joanna Newsom for this taste.

my two favorite musicians.

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Friendly reminder that the supreme court will be deciding on DOMA soon.

26 Jun — 1 note

I had a dream that I called someone a “sausage” on anon. I had to go back and apologize a million times.

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